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Trade benefits

Calling all tradesman, here you will find the technical elements to the GripIt® and how it can help you in your day to day lives, as well as everything from the benefits of using our fixings, to the money and time you can save.

No matter whether you’re an Electrician, Plumber, Carpenter or any other kind of tradesman, when fixing items directly to plasterboard, you can make savings on materials, labour and wastage by using GripIt®.

GripIt® Fixings allow you to fix loads up to 225kgs per fixing, directly to the plasterboard. Whether you’re working on a domestic or commercial project, GripIt® allow you the flexibility to do so with a minimal amount of work required.

With the ability to fix directly to the plasterboard without additional reinforcement work, you can fix anything from radiators, kitchen cabinets, boilers, bathroom furniture, TV brackets, lighting and more, with peace of mind that when using a GripIt®, it’s there to stay.

As a result, you can have your installation complete with a drill, tap and turn.

Unique 3-way Gripping System

3 way gripping system step 1

Step 1

The universal collar automatically adjusts to the thickness of the plasterboard and distributes load weight across a much wider area of the plasterboard than conventional fixings or plugs.

When tapped into place, anti-rotational wings help to eliminate movement and increase lateral strength.

3 way gripping system step 2

Step 2

Unique backing wings expand inside the cavity space to provide a secure anchor on the back of the plasterboard surface.

3-way gripping system step 3

Step 3

Fixing your item to the GripIt induces a vice-like grip onto all three surfaces of the plasterboard, providing the ultimate grip for heavier loads.


GripIt® cost saving calculator


Your Savings =

Calculator prices are based on material costs and labour required to carry out the work, this includes fixings, screws and any kind of supports that are required, such as batten or ply board. The labour aspects are taken from the time that the work is started until the item is fixed to the wall. None of the prices include any additional work such as wiring or plumbing the goods.

Prices of the materials are based on RRP retail prices inc. VAT, and assume that any goods used are already possessed by the contractor. Labour prices are based on the average hourly rate of a qualified tradesperson working in the UK.

Costs calculator is based on:

Average Tradesman Hourly Rate – £25/hour

Average GripIt – £0.94/fixing

Batten – £1.06/2.1m length

Self-Drive Plasterboard Fixings – £0.11/fixing

Screws – £0.01/screw

Plywood – £15.00/sheet

Prices for items include VAT

Weights and Loads

The incredible loading capabilities of GripIt® are derived from a unique combination of mechanical innovation and physical engineering. Each component is designed to work in harmony to create the most effective plasterboard anchoring device on the market today.